About us

We have been building the greatest projects in Costa Rica since 1957. Our philosophy is “always go beyond” and that is why we consistently exceed our customers’ expectations. We make this possible through our commitment with quality and innovation.

We approach each stage of our projects with both a sense of urgency and technical rigorosity. Our spotless compliance record reflects our focus on prevention and anticipation of eventualities that may hinder de progress of a project. Our strong commitment to quality has led us to certify our processes INTE ISO 9001:2015, INTE ISO 14001:2015 and INTE ISO 45001:2018, integrating quality, environment, health and safety as core priorities in everything we do. We guarantee continuous improvement and compliance with the highest international standards.

Edica has been a key player in the history of construction in Costa Rica, building some of the most important structures that enhance the quality of life of its citizens and contribute to the development of the country.


Our values are the core of our organization and define the way we do business:

These are the bases that sustain the reputation and prestige of the company, and that are reflected in the works carried out throughout Costa Rica.


To be the leading construction company in Costa Rica by maintaining innovation and excellence in projects as a general construction contractor. To partner with our customers by providing responsible, efficient, and safe solutions that contribute to the protection of the environment, while achieving quality and in strict adherence to the ethical principles and integrity that govern the organization.


To provide value engineering and services with highest standards that exceed the expectations of all customers. We make this is possible by a seamless execution and delivery of our projects, consistent with our commitment to quality and complying within the originally established costs and deadlines.

Our history:

Edificios y Carreteras (Edica Ltda.) was born on October 9, 1957, as a result of the union of the companies Johanning & Cía., Beeche & Fait Ltda. and Arguedas-Dobles-Soto Ltda. The leaders of these company saw an opportunity of consolidating their operations to form the best construction company in Costa Rica. Our first great project was the construction of Dr. Carlos Sáenz Herrera Children’s Hospital, in 1962.

From that moment on, we have strengthened our experience in the construction of institutional, industrial, and commercial buildings. Our projects from these early years include the Faculty of Economic Sciences of the University of Costa Rica (1959); the Dr. Ricardo Moreno Cañas Clinic (1964); the Mexico Hospital (1967) and the Costa Rican Institute of Electricity ICE headquarters in La Sabana (1972); the National Bank headquarters (1982). This last building was for many years the tallest in the country.

In Edica we have always been focused on going further and innovating. We were the first company to place a crane on rails to facilitate the construction of the Children’s Hospital. We were the first construction company to bring a tower crane to the country. We also were pioneers in the use metal formwork and cast iron and copper pipes.

As years passed, we decided to specialize in more complex and technical constructions. In this stage, we built the fuel plant for the Juan Santamaría International Airport and the Daniel Oduber International Airport (2012 and 2014); the Recope Asphalt Emulsion Plant (2020), among others.

In Edica Ltda. we know that our purpose is to promote the development of the country through the construction of buildings that contribute to the well-being and improvement of the quality of life of Costa Ricans.

Our future lies beyond Costa Rican borders, where we can continue to build with the same quality and principles that have made us successful since 1957. We are proud to be part of the construction landscape of Nicaragua, Guatemala and Mexico.

Our Integrated Management Systems

Our success did not happen by chance.

We know that the success of a company lies in the faithful fulfillment of its obligations with its collaborators, customers, suppliers, financial entities, state institutions, subcontractors, and business partners.

In Edica Ltda., through the optimization of our processes and the use of the latest technology, we can guarantee the highest quality in each project, while safeguarding the health and safety of our workers and the protection of the environment. This allows us to comply not only with applicable legal regulations but also with high international standards. The strong commitment from all levels of the organization with our Integrated Management System (SIG), ensures the continued success of our operations.

Our Integrated Management System policy (RSIG-002-001 SIG Policy, version 4.)